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Post  Omar on Thu May 06, 2010 12:58 pm

Players are not allowed to:

1. Beg a GM for money, items, levels, teleport or others.
2. Doubt a GM’s decision. Any reclamation should be sent by mail or posted in a dedicated forum section.
3. Use exploits or hacks that may influence the server or the players (will result in permanent ban on account, IP or even character erasure).
4. Give away their personal account, exchange it with another player or sell it (will result in permanent ban on account, IP or even character erasure).
5. Exploit, cheat or take advantage of any bugs they encounter without reporting it.
6. Use a rude or offensive language with other players or even the GM’s or Admins.
7. Ask a GM about items/quests/spells/talents....etc.
Check - for items
Check - for quests
Check - for monsters
Check - for spells and talents
8. Abuse emotes, Caps Lock or any other annoying things (aka SPAM).
9. Address a GM with "dude", "bro", "man" etc.
10. If you think you were mistreated post on the forum using a civilized language and bring concrete evidence.
11. NOT LISTEN to what the GM has to say. If you disobey this rule you can get banned for 12 to 24 hours.
12. Disturb Admins/GMs on YM!, MSN or in-game if they are playing whit their private characters.
13. Ask if something has been fixed. If you want to find out, find out on your own, that's why it's called an “educational server”!
14. You have the obligation to know the rules. Apologies like: "I didn't know", "nobody told me", “I didn’t read”, etc. are not accepted.
Depending on the gravity of your behavior/actions, the punishments can be:
- first fault, 1 day ban
- second fault, 2 days ban
- third fault, 3 days ban
- fourth fault, Account Erasure
- IP Ban for those who frequently break the rules
- Permanent Ban for those who badly break the rules.

Administrators and Game Masters are not allowed to:

1. Abuse their rank/status.
2. Give items/money/quests, etc. to players. This is allowed only when they’re encountering a bug.
3. Teleport a player without their permission. This is only allowed when a player has broken a rule, need to be teleported to an event or they’re stuck (and the unstuck command - .start – is not working).
4. Use their account to play as a regular player.
5. Use their account to make different advantages for him or other players.

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