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Post  Omar on Thu May 06, 2010 12:53 pm

Please take a few minutes and read the following rules:

The rules can be modified without warning. Please re-read it from time to time in order to be sure you will not be excluded from this community.

1. The access using anonymous proxies is forbidden! This measure exists because of some abuses committed by some "clones" of banned users.

2. Please respect all the users you meet here even if you don't like their name, avatars or you have some kind of problems with them. Personal problems are resolved in private.

3. Don't be rude with other people on the forum especially to admins, they make an effort to help you; do not address to them with "dude", "bro" etc.

4. Topics that contain pornographic materials are forbidden.

5. Topics that contravene the "Copyright law" are forbidden.

6. Advertisements of your private sites or servers are forbidden. To add an advertisement please consult an admin.

7. You can bother admins on matters concerning the server only HERE, on the Forum and not somewhere else! Post here any problem and an admin or moderator will read it. If it can't be posted on the forum, use the "Private Message"(PM) service.

8. Before you create a new topic make a "search". It’s possible that the subject was already discussed.

9. Do not write the topic title with capital letters and don't repeat letters to show your distress in a problem,
like: "HELLLLLLLLLLLLPPPP". Your title has to stick to the subject in that topic.

10. Describe your problem clearly, do not exaggerate with details, do not repeat and stick to the subject. If you do not know all the details, do not post, and if you do post, inform yourself about the subject.

11. Write messages in a way that that won't disturb others:
-do not use capital letters, so don't hold "CAPS LOCK" when you post;
-do not use excessively smileys, try to express your feelings in words;
-do not use excessively colored fonts or of big dimensions, do not post the whole text with bold/italic/underline.

12. Do not write personal data in posts. Personal data are given only in a private manner. Do not write your e-mail address or messenger id, this kind of information is found at "Profile" section.

13. Do not write two messages one after another. Edit the old one and add there all that you forgot to post from the beginning.

14. Do not attack persons whether their habits, tastes, opinions or concepts seem totally wrong. Always discuss the idea not the person.

People who fail to Abide by the Rules Will be:

-> Kicked
->IP Banned (External Ban)

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