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Post  Omar on Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:43 pm

As a GM you are to follow each rule listed below, if you are to break one, we break you.

Announcements are to be informative, helpful, and beneficial to the server and the community. It is not to be used loosely for common chat.

Do not use commands on players without their consent. This even applies to tickets unless the player authorizes the use of a command in a ticket to help them. In retrospect, you won't be punished for kindly reviving players in a casual environment, outside of pvp, and outside of a raid. Do not revive or kill players who are in pvp/pve.

As a GM3, you will have the luxury to add items to yourself, there are items in the database that are out of reach of players, and as such you are not allowed to have any of these items yourself. "Admin Gear" is only to be worn by Administrators. You are permitted to add donation items to ONE of your characters on your GM3 account. You may not add pieces of other people's custom donation set, and this does not entitle you to a personal custom set.

No GM, regardless of rank, is to give out items/spells to any players. We have Raids, Events, and a Voting/Donation system for a reason. Don't try to be sneaky, there are command logs that show all commands executed by GMs, and they are regularly checked.
In retrospect, if a player has lost items and provided legitimate proof(Screenshots, Video, etc.) then you are allowed to recover the items for the player. That does NOT apply to donation items. Only those who handle donations are allowed to recover items to players who lost them. If a rollback happens, levels are NOT recovered.
In addition to this rule, you are not to use commands to give players any sort of advantage or disadvantage what-so-ever within the game.

GMs are to treat players with respect and courtesy when handling tickets. There are no exceptions to this rule, even if they scream and yell at you. You may justify yourself, however, if a player attempts to slander your person.

GM's will NOT share their account information with ANYONE. If your account is logged onto by anyone else other than you, you will be suspended and consulted. You may be revoked of your status after consultation. The only other reason your status getting revoked would be prevented, is if Nexus himself decides he needs your account and logs on. This would be extremely rare, but even so, this is the ONLY case from which would be exempt from this rule.

GM's will never close any ticket without first answering it, with the exception of tickets that do not follow the correct format for submitting a ticket. You should always answer a ticket if submitted correctly.

All player rules are applicable to GM's as well. GM's are held at higher expectations when abiding by the rules that are set for the players, and as such GM's who abuse and/or violate those rules are subject to a more severe disciplinary action.

You are entitled to your opinions and privacy, but please, as a favor, do not gossip and talk about other staff members behind their back. If you have a problem with a staff-member, please try to bring it forth to that staff-member in a civil manner and discuss it politely, and if you don't feel comfortable doing that, then report the issue you have with said staff-member, to the Head Administrator. We don't need one half of staff against the other, or there will only be problems and no progress forward to improve on our abilities as a team.

Thank you for taking your time reading this, Owange WOW Team.

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